Try Out Your New Smile – Before Your Treatment!

What if you could visualise your new smile so that you could give your dentist important input about how you wanted it to look? That’s exactly what the Trial Smile process is designed for. By envisioning your new smile before you ever even start treatment, you can better know what to expect – and what you want to accomplish through your dental care.

Better Results

A trial smile is a better way to plan your dental care when it comes to creating the smile of your dreams. Rather than deciding to improve the appearance of your teeth and jumping straight into treatment, you can get the look and feel of your new smile before treatment is ever started. Trial smiles allow you to critique parts of your smile, make minor changes to aesthetics and address your biggest concerns so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

No Drilling or Filling

Because a trial smile isn’t permanent dental treatment, there isn’t a need for shots, drilling, or anything uncomfortable. Instead, the material is applied directly over your natural tooth for a quick visualization of what is possible with your makeover process. You’ll get an idea of how the teeth can be changed in size, shape and colour. Dr Yassmin will review the different methods possible and how to achieve each one, so that you will feel confident moving forward with your smile makeover instead of jumping in blindly with no idea what it will look like. Compare your trial smile with before and after photos to see just what a dramatic change is possible while still keeping that natural look and feel you really want.

What’s Next?

By better understanding how you want things to look or be changed, Dr Yassmin can create a customised treatment plan that outlines the makeover process step-by-step. You will have different options to choose from to customise your therapy to meet your expectations, time restrictions and budget. Most patients combine treatments to maximise the results. For instance, some people opt to have their smile whitened and then place veneers on their upper front teeth. Others may need bonding or re-contouring to help teeth look fuller and even. Each plan is truly a piece of art that is planned tooth-by-tooth for you as an individual. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all dentistry!

How would you like to picture yourself in a fuller, straighter, brighter smile? Beautiful teeth can help you feel more confident and bring youth to your appearance. Stop hiding your smile because it’s something that you’re ashamed of. Explore the option of a trial smile at Broadway Dental and find out more for yourself. Call us today for your consultation!

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