Why FY Smile
for DSD?

With Digital Smile Design, you know that your new smile will be right for you, not someone else. We use digital software and technology to design your smile and treatment depending on your facial features, your personality, and the results you want to achieve.

The FY Smile certified DSD Clinic badge.

We’re an official DSD Clinic

Designing your new smile takes skill, and being a DSD Clinic is the gold-standard guarantee of our knowledge and training in these techniques. We’re part of a small network of qualified clinics all over the world.

Why is FY Smile the right choice for Digital Smile Design?

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We’re experts in DSD. Dr Fadi Yassmin is a DSD Key Opinion Leader who runs courses in these advanced concepts.

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You get a smile that suits you. Your unique facial features guide all treatment so that your new smile is in harmony with your face.

An icon of a natural-looking tooth.

You get natural-looking results. We replicate the look, shape and texture of real teeth so that your smile looks completely natural.

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You get your most confident smile. We use our understanding of shape and symmetry to make sure your smile reflects your true character.

An icon of a clear pathway.

You get a predictable outcome. Detailed digital planning lets you know what to expect – and you can even trial your new smile at the start.

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You get comfortable treatment. We use technology at every step to make your treatment comfortable and efficient.


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