All on 4 dental implant dentist Dr Fadi Yassmin smiling next to a patient.

How does All on 4 work?

All on 4 treatment is a tried and tested process which uses dental implants to fill the gaps left behind by missing teeth.

They are affixed at an angle to the front of your mouth, where your jawbone is generally stronger and can hold implants in place for the long term. The high-tech method used also means that there is no need for multiple dentures to provide support to each other.

The result? Long-lasting, secure dental implants which allow you to start smiling with confidence.

What can you expect from All on 4 at FY Smile?

A fast, fixed solution
At FY Smile, we are able to offer you a permanent, fixed solution to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile within just 24 - 48 hours. This is because we have access to our own dental laboratory.

A safe, comfortable procedure
The All on 4 process at FY Smile is meticulously planned for your comfort and safety. Each patient has their dental health reviewed and assessed first, but is also assessed medically before the procedure to ensure their health and safety with general anaesthetic.

The majority of All on 4 treatment at FY Smile is performed under general anaesthetic and supervised by a qualified anaesthetist in our purpose-built theatre.


Step one:

First of all, you will have your initial assessment so that together, we can decide on the right treatment solution for you. For example, there are a number of All on 4 dental implant solutions if you have minimal or lower quality jaw bone.


Step two:

Before treatment goes ahead, we first review your teeth and dental health. You will also need medical clearance to ensure that this treatment is a suitable option for you.


Step three:

Then, you will have surgery to have your implants placed. If you have infected teeth, these will be removed before the implants are fitted.


Step four:

24 to 48 hours after your surgery, you will receive your final, fixed solution. Your new, beautiful smile that will let you eat comfortably and smile with confidence!

How do I maintain my All on 4 implant-retained dentures?

After your All on 4 treatment is complete, we will help you to manage your new implant-retained dentures. You will be put on an oral wellness programme with our Oral Health Therapist and we will provide you with specific cleaning products to help you easily clean and maintain your dentures at home.

An All on 4 patient showing her new smile.

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