Our Technology

Through the latest dental technology, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what we can offer you.

We don’t believe in doing things by halves and we’ll never compromise on the care we provide for our patients. That’s why we invest in the latest advances in dentistry and dental technology to offer high-precision treatment which prioritises your comfort and safety.

To do this, we carefully select only the best concepts and make them an integral part of our practice and your care.

How does dental technology benefit you?

At FY Smile, we use the latest technology to ensure that we are always providing dental treatment that is precise, effective and more comfortable for you.

An icon of dental technology used for caries detection.

CariFree™ caries detection

This simple, non-invasive screening and treatment programme lets us see microscopic details to identify tooth decay.

An icon of digital radiography for dental xrays.

Digital Radiography

With Digital Radiography, X-rays are now taken at the blink of an eye! Computer technology lets us view even smaller areas.

An icon of 'The Wand' dental technology for digital dental anaesthesia.

'The Wand' digital anaesthesia

With digital anaesthesia, we can numb a small, precise area of your mouth in a way that is much more controlled and comfortable.

An icon of a CBCT scanner.

CBCT scanner

With a CBCT scanner, we can get a highly accurate image of your mouth, jaw and neck area. We use it to plan treatment such as dental implants with high precision.

An icon of a 3D microscope.

3D microscope

FY Smile has the first 3D microscope in Australia, which lets us very precisely plan and prepare treatment to achieve the best results for you.

An icon of the dental technology used to identify dental caries.

Caries Detection

The Soprolife Camera lets us precisely diagnose and treat dental decay by clearly showing healthy and infected tissue.

Oral health and wellness

At FY Smile, we have designed our entire hygiene department around the EMS Biofilm System, a new concept in dental hygiene which uses airflow jets to disrupt the biofilm - bacteria which collects on your teeth.

Using this scientific approach and state-of-the-art concept, we are able to deliver the highest standards of oral care to take care of your health and wellness.

A treatment room equipped with dental technology at FY Smile dental clinic.

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