A patient at FY Smile showing her custom-made smile created with DSD.

Facially driven dentistry

Your ‘best’ and most confident smile is one that is custom made for you – not someone else. That’s why at FY Smile, our smile designs are guided by your facial features.


Your smile should be custom-made for you

A smile that looks great for one person won’t have the same effect on someone else. The best smile for you is one that’s strong, healthy and designed with your own specific face in mind.

When we design smiles, we look at much more than your teeth – we take into account your lips, your gums, your mouth, the rest of your features, and the proportions between them. A smile that’s right for you will sit in harmony with your features and enhance the natural beauty of your face.


A patient showing off her custom-made confident smile with Digital Smile Design.


We ‘digitise’ you

A smile can look different when you’re talking, smiling, laughing and resting. So we can fully understand you and your smile, the first step is to take photos, x-rays and moulds of your teeth and mouth, as well as a video of you talking from different angles.

This will help us to see how your new teeth should look in relation to the rest of your features.


A smile design which has gridlines showing its relationship to the person's facial features.


We use digital planning software

We upload all of this information to our Digital Smile Design software where we do a full smile design analysis. We can tweak and change the position, the shapes and the sizes of your teeth depending on how they look in your face – directly in this software.

As a DSD Clinic, we work with expert smile designers to give you a new smile that looks good and, most importantly, is strong and healthy.


A patient using the Digital Smile Design app on a tablet to look at a simulation of their new smile.

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