A young woman showing off her new Digital Smile Design smile.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design is a powerful tool which lets us design and create healthy smiles that are custom made to suit your physical appearance and personality.

What can Digital Smile Design do for you?

You can’t build something without assessing, designing and planning first – and this is what Digital Smile Design does for teeth and smiles. It takes the guesswork out of dental treatment and smile design to give you peace of mind and a preview of your new smile at the start.

What type of results can Digital Smile Design give you?

An icon of brighter, whiter tooth.

Natural-looking, brighter teeth

An icon of a tooth which is straight and aligned.

Straighter, more aligned teeth

An icon of a tooth which isn't crowded.

Teeth that are less crowded

An icon of a tooth that is balanced in size and shape.

Teeth that are balanced in size and shape

What has stopped you from achieving a confident smile?

An icon of a calendar.

Dental treatment is too time consuming

An icon of a sad face.

I don’t want to end up with a fake-looking smile

A thumbs down icon.

I don’t want uncomfortable or painful treatment

An icon of a worried face.

I’m too anxious to go to the dentist

A question mark.

I don’t think it will make me feel more confident

A woman smiling to show her beautiful new teeth designed using Digital Smile Design.
Digital Smile Design logo.

Let Digital Smile Design surprise you at FY Smile

We lay out your treatment plan in full detail and let you preview your new smile at the start.

We’re an official
DSD Clinic

Dr Fadi Yassmin is a Key Opinion Leader for Digital Smile Design who teaches these concepts to dentists around the world. FY Smile is an official Digital Smile Design Clinic with the skill and expertise to offer this life-changing treatment for patients.

Digital Smile Design Clinic

DSD certified Clinic badge.
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Why do we choose Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design means predictable treatment and results. We love being able to give our patients the confidence and assurance to go ahead and achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. 

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Digital Smile Design Master Dr Fadi Yassmin talking to a patient.

1. We work with you

We work alongside you every step of the way to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. To understand you and your smile, we’ll first take photos, x-rays and moulds of your mouth, as well as a video of you talking and smiling from different angles.

With our digital library of smiles, we can give you an example of how your result might look on you.

Digital Smile Design Master Dr Fadi Yassmin talking to a patient.
A patient looking at the Digital Smile Design app and their smile simulation on a tablet.
A patient's face with gridlines showing the changes Digital Smile Design makes based on his facial features.
A dental treatment room at official DSD Clinic FY Smile.
A patient smiling happily to show her new teeth designed using Digital Smile Design.
An icon of a natural-looking tooth.

Get a natural-looking smile that’s made for you

Two patients standing together and smiling happily to show off their new teeth which were designed using Digital Smile Design.

We love natural-looking smiles

Natural teeth aren’t symmetrical or ‘perfect’ looking – they all have individual shapes and textures which make them look real.

Our aim is to replicate these so that your dental restorations and your whole new smile look completely natural. We call them ‘Natural Restorations.’

Two patients smiling to show their new teeth designed using Digital Smile Design.

You get your most confident smile

Your new smile will not only be personalised to suit your facial features and personality, it will also look as natural as real teeth.

Natural Restorations

Natural-looking teeth created using Digital Smile Design.
Natural-looking dental restorations produced using Digital Smile Design.

Are you ready to see your new smile?

Book your consultation to learn more about how Digital Smile Design can help you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.