A patient smiling to show her natural-looking smile created by Dr Fadi Yassmin using Digital Smile Design.

Natural Restorations

At FY Smile, we do ‘natural restorations’. This means we always create your dental restorations like veneers, crowns and dental implants to replicate the look of real, natural teeth.

This is how it works...


We take nature as our reference

Have you ever noticed that real teeth aren’t completely symmetrical? They actually have individual shapes, textures, colours and grooves on their surface, and this is what makes them look natural.

To give you a natural-looking smile, we aim to replicate these ‘imperfections’ in all our replacement teeth.


Half of a real eye joined to a sketch mimicking its natural appearance.


We start with natural examples

To get the best results, we have a digital library of thousands of examples of real teeth and smiles. Instead of starting with artificial shapes, we use these examples as the starting point to design your new smile.

Then we use technology to show you how it will look on you.


A digital example of natural-looking teeth.


A beautiful smile should enhance your face, not distract from it.

A new smile that looks natural is in harmony with your face, which means it’s the right shape and size in proportion to your facial features. The teeth will also have individual textures, shapes and silhouettes, and be in a shade that looks right in your face.

We love natural-looking smiles, and we make sure that this is what you get


A patient showing her beautiful, natural-looking smile designed by Dr Fadi Yassmin using Digital Smile Design.

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