Choosing The Right Type Of Dental Veneers

Electing to have veneers made for your smile is an exciting time. Veneers help your teeth look straighter, whiter and everything you want them to be. When you expect this much out of your smile, you want to choose treatments that utilise only the highest quality of materials. Materials that looks natural, beautiful and strong.

Veneers can be used to correct teeth that look:

  • Crooked
  • Widely-spaced
  • Crowded
  • Chipped, worn or broken
  • Stained / discoloured
  • Misshaped

Two of the most common materials used for veneers include porcelain and resin. Each type of veneer has its own advantages that make it the choice option for certain patients, but there is a clear-cut difference between one type of veneer and the other.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are made in a dental lab using state-of-the-art techniques to create restorations that are beautiful yet appears natural at the same time. The thin, semi-translucent material is bonded over your tooth giving you a perfect-looking smile that looks like you were born with it. Since porcelain provides superior aesthetics, it is often the preferred material for patients undergoing complete smile makeovers or who need several teeth restored at a time. If you’ve decided that porcelain veneers are your best option, Dr Yassmin will gently adjust the shape of your natural teeth and take an impression of them. Because the handcrafted process of veneers is so precise, it may take up to two weeks for your permanent veneers to be ready. In the meantime, a set of temporary veneers are worn, giving you a good idea of what your treatment will look like before it’s even finished. Once your permanent veneers are ready, you’ll return for a simple visit where each of the veneers is bonded into place.

Resin Veneers

Resin veneers are made of the same type of material that is used in white fillings. Rather than being made in a laboratory or by a technician, these veneers are made and placed in one appointment by your dentist. They are a more affordable veneer option for patients in need of cosmetic treatments. Similar to having a filling made, the resin is placed onto your tooth and formed into the desired shape. Using a curing light, the composite material is hardened into place. Only one appointment is needed. Because opaque resin does not feature many of the natural similarities of other materials, they are typically best for smaller cases when correcting only one or two teeth at a time.
Some things to keep in mind when you’ve elected to have veneers:

  • How many veneers do you need?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What is your budget?

Broadway Dental has provided thousands of dental veneers to our patients in Sydney and the surrounding areas. We invite you to visit us to learn more about how dental veneers can enhance your smile. Feel free to look through some of our before and after photographs and discuss your specific concerns or treatment with Dr Yassmin. We look forward to meeting you!

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