Three patients smiling and feeling relaxed about their dental treatment.

The Wand

The Wand numbs your mouth in a comfortable way – so there’s no more worrying about dental injections.


Lots of people feel some level of anxiety before dental treatment.

Often it’s not the procedure itself that makes them feel nervous, it’s the injection that comes before the treatment begins.

How is The Wand different?

The Wand is a type of digital anaesthesia. This means that the delivery of the anaesthesia is controlled electronically.

But what makes it more effective than a traditional syringe?

1. It’s precise

Using the Wand, we can numb a very small, very specific area of your mouth – or even just one tooth. You can say goodbye to having a numb mouth or lips for half a day after treatment is over and get back to normal much more quickly.

2. It looks different

The Wand is designed to look much friendlier than a syringe! It’s often the sight of the needle that might make you start feeling nervous, and this new shape removes some of that anxiety.

3. It’s comfortable

The unique shape of the needle and the digitally controlled injection rate makes the Wand much more comfortable than a traditional syringe and the injection barely noticeable.


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