FYS_Our_Team_Profile_PicturesNicola Kapetanakis

Nicola Kapetanakis

Business manager

I initially entered dentistry on a gap year and soon came to realise that I would never want to leave the industry. The ability to impact a person’s life in a way that I did not realise was possible has allowed me to grow as a professional.

For me, the most exciting thing about FY Smile is that this vision that is being brought together started with a desire to ‘be better’ and ‘do even better’ than we were already. It excited me that after 12 years of working with an incredible team and such talented dentists, this vision is coming full circle and we are coming into our new ‘home’ which takes our exceptional dental treatments and then offers a customer experience to match.

I believe that patient experience is the culmination of dental treatment, customer service and the relationship between patients and dental team. I truly believe that if any of this is missing then it will have a profound impact on the way a patient feels about their treatment and how the team is able to deliver this treatment.

FYS_Our_Team_Profile_PicturesNicola Kapetanakis

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