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Bone regeneration

Sometimes, bone regeneration might be needed to create a stable base in your jaw for your new dental implants to be fitted.

Why would you need bone regeneration?

If you have had missing teeth for several years, you may have suffered some loss of bone in your jaw. This means that your jaw might not now be a strong enough base for dental implants to be fitted. 

Other issues with your jawbone may also mean that there isn’t enough bone height, or that your sinuses are too close to the jaw to allow a dental implant to be placed.

What types of bone regeneration procedures are there?

Sinus Augmentation

Ridge Modification

Bone Grafting

What are the benefits of bone regeneration?


If the quality or amount of bone in your jaw isn’t stable enough for dental implants, bone regeneration can make it a strong base.


Bone regeneration allows dental implants to be fitted so that you can benefit from a sturdy, long-term solution which could restore your confidence in your smile.

Why choose bone regeneration at FY Smile?

We know that for many patients, a surgical procedure such as bone regeneration can feel daunting. We’re dedicated to making sure you feel comfortable in every appointment, and we’ll take all the time you need to talk through any worries or concerns you might have. We can also provide sedation if you are very anxious.

At FY Smile, we also have a purpose-built facility for implant procedures and use advanced digital planning technology to ensure high-precision treatment.


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