A patient shows off her beautiful smile with tooth coloured fillings.

Tooth-coloured fillings

If you need a filling, you don’t have to put up with the look of old silver fillings which show when you talk, laugh or smile. 

What are tooth-coloured fillings?

Having a filling is a common dental procedure which restores the health and structure of a tooth which has some tooth decay.

Instead of metallic amalgam fillings which are visible when you smile, we can do white fillings which closely match the colour of your own teeth and aren’t noticeable at all.

We do this using a white filling material whose colour blends in with your own tooth. It is strong and sturdy and will restore the structure of your tooth for the long term. If your tooth is very damaged, you might need an inlay or onlay instead.

A white filling can fill a tooth after the decay has been removed or replace existing amalgam fillings to give your smile a more aesthetic and rejuvenated appearance. 

How does it work?

Your dentist will complete your filling in just one visit and you will have local anaesthetic to make sure that you don’t feel anything.


First, your dentist will get rid of the decayed parts of your tooth and remove the old filling if you have one.


Then, they will replace the decayed sections of your tooth using the white filling material.

What are the benefits of having a white filling?

An icon of a tooth with a white filling.

Having a filling placed will restore your tooth to health and alleviate any pain or discomfort you may have been feeling.


The filling material used is strong and durable so it will restore the structure of your teeth for the long term.

An icon of a smile with non-visible white fillings.

White fillings blend into your natural teeth so well that they are hardly visible – giving your smile a more attractive and youthful appearance.


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