Why Is It Vital to Replace Missing Teeth?

If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, it is highly likely that your dentist has recommended that you pursue some form of replacement for the missing teeth. It is important to understand why it is vital to replace your missing teeth; continue reading to learn more.

Why Is It Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

The teeth are held in place by the jaw bone. Once a tooth is removed from its place in the mouth, the bone that once surrounded the roots of the tooth begins to recede. Without the stimulation of chewing and biting, the bone level begins to decrease and weaken.

Over time, this places the patient at risk for:

  • Looseness in the surrounding teeth
  • The eventual loss of surrounding teeth
  • Sunken appearance on the face (due to teeth loss)
  • Difficulty chewing or speaking
  • Loss of confidence or self-esteem

Replacing the missing teeth in your mouth helps to ensure that you can continue to get full use of your bite and preserves the integrity of the remaining teeth. It also helps you to avoid feeling self-conscious about the look of your smile.

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

When it comes time to replace the missing teeth in your mouth, you have plenty of options. Examples of dental treatment for replacing missing teeth include:

  • Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are one of the most cost-effective options for replacing one or more teeth in the mouth. They are typically composed of flexible acrylic, metal, or a mixture of the two materials. The type of material that is used depends upon the patient’s needs, wants, and budget, as well as the discretion of the dentist. 

Partial dentures are designed to clip into place around designated anchor teeth inside the mouth. In the space left by the missing tooth, “fake” teeth fill the gap and complete the smile line. The shade, shape, and size of the denture teeth are designed to match the natural teeth.

  • Dental Bridge: Dental bridges are multi-unit structures that are designed to fit directly over the top of two anchor teeth. Between the two anchor teeth, a “fake tooth” (known as a pontic) rests upon the gum line and fills the gap in the smile. In order to provide the most natural possible appearance, the shape, size, and color of the bridge teeth are matched to the natural teeth.
  • Dental Implant: Dental implants are often referred to as the “best” way to replace a missing tooth, as they almost perfectly mimic both the aesthetics and the functionality of a natural tooth.

In order to fill a gap in the smile line, a dental implant is placed directly into the patient’s bone where the roots of the tooth once were. The implant provides a sturdy base for a dental crown, which fills the gap in the smile and is designed to match the rest of the natural teeth. 

Overall, the end result is an incredibly sturdy and visually-appealing restoration that helps replace missing teeth.

Which Treatment is Right for Me?

When it comes to choosing treatment, it comes down to a few different factors, such as:

  • Your budget
  • Your expectations for treatment
  • The amount of bone present in the jaw
  • The number of teeth that are missing

A thorough consultation with your trusted Sydney dentist will help you determine which treatment method is best for you.

Things to Consider

Here are some things to consider when choosing treatment for replacing a missing tooth:

Partial Dentures

While partial dentures are excellent for replacing multiple teeth and are typically very cost-effective, there are a few possible drawbacks to consider:

  • Dentures are removable; they are not permanent fixtures
  • Repeatedly removing and placing the dentures back inside the mouth may cause the clasps to wear down or damage the anchor teeth

Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are ideal for filling the space left by one or two missing teeth. Some things to consider include:

  • In order to place the bridge inside the mouth, the two adjacent teeth on either side of the space must be shaved down and prepped to ensure that the bridge will fit over top of them. Ultimately, this means that otherwise “healthy” teeth must be altered.
  • If one tooth beneath the bridge fails, there is a chance that the whole bridge may fail, as well. 

Dental Implant

Dental implants are excellent for replacing a missing tooth, as they provide the function and look of a natural tooth. Some things to consider include:

  • There must be an adequate level of bone to allow the successful placement of the implant - if there is not enough bone, the patient may not qualify as a candidate for implant treatment
  • Implants may not be covered by dental insurance

Of course, every patient experience is different; what works best for you may not work for another person, and vice-versa. The best way to determine which treatment you will benefit most from is to consult your dentist.

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With the information you have learned here, you will be well-equipped for choosing the treatment that is right for you. 

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