How Is All on 4 Treatment Different at Our Clinic?

An estimated 1 in 25 people in Australia have none of their natural teeth. Tooth decay is a significant problem, even in children as young as 6, where nearly half of this age group have decay problems with their baby teeth. In addition to the health issues that can be caused as a result of poor oral health, there are aesthetic issues as well that can make people embarrassed to smile.

Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable and not as functional as people would like, which is why an alternative like All on 4 is a great option. FY Smile Double Bay stands out as a leading oral wellness clinic that can help.

What Can You Expect with FY Smile’s All on 4 Treatment?

When you turn to FY Smile for this treatment approach, you will be exceptionally pleased with the results. You can get a permanent solution for permanent teeth replacement in only 48 hours. You won’t have to wear a temporary set of teeth for months while you wait for your new smile. You can feel great and get your teeth in between 24 and 48 hours, depending on your specific situation. This service is possible since our clinic was explicitly made to have a dental laboratory, allowing us to serve our patients better.

Our clinic makes sure that you have the safest and most comfortable experience possible. Not only do we look at your dental health, but we also take a look at your medical history to make sure that it’s safe for you to undergo this procedure. The procedure is done under general anesthesia, with a qualified anesthetist overseeing the process.

The process starts by doing a general assessment and letting you know what our course of treatment is going to be. There are several different solutions, so we custom tailor the best approach for your specific needs. After reviewing your dental records and getting medical clearance, you can go through the surgery for your implants. While you experience general anesthesia, we will remove any infected teeth as well. Then, between 24 and 48 hours later, you will receive your brand new smile and can start feeling more confident in how great your teeth look.

Why Choose FY Smile for All on 4 Treatment?

As a Sydney dentist, Dr. Fadi Yassmin has worked very closely with some of the leading All on 4 providers, giving him the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are delighted with your new teeth. Your oral health is critical to your health and self-esteem. All on 4 treatments give you a new smile with which you can be proud. You can enjoy your favorite foods again. You will be happy with how much this treatment can transform your life, and not just by offering the smile makeover of a lifetime. Call us to learn more about curing your oral wellness needs.


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