Dentists: The Smile Architects

Dentists: The Smile Architects

When it comes to the creation of a beautiful new smile, it is absolutely crucial to implement professional planning and design. Just as an architect works to create extensive and detailed plans for the creation of beautiful structures, your dentist does the same to ensure the creation of the smile of your dreams.

Architects and Dentists: One and The Same

A close look at both architecture and dentistry will reveal an interesting revelation: the two industries actually share quite a bit in common.

Architecture can be defined as the official process that is required for the successful planning and building of physical structures. Thorough planning is absolutely crucial for ensuring that the construction process runs as smoothly as possible, producing a beautiful structure as an end result.

A professional architect would never go into the design and construction process for a new structure without a thorough and intelligent plan. Going into the process of designing and building a structure without a thorough and official set of plans is certainly a recipe for disaster; it can almost certainly be assumed that the construction team would run into at least one or two issues while creating the structure. In the long run, this can lead to a waste of time, resources, and money invested in the project. That is why architects work to design comprehensive blueprints and plans before heading into construction.

The same can be said for dentistry. When it comes to designing a beautiful and healthy smile, it is extremely important to design and implement a detailed and thorough plan before administering any type of restorative or cosmetic dental treatment. 

Blindly heading into dental treatment without a comprehensive plan can lead to unpredictable outcomes, requiring additional treatment to be administered to achieve the desired results. Ultimately, this can lead to a waste of valuable time and/or money.

It is extremely important to ensure that both the patient and dental professional are on the same page during the design and implementation of dental treatment. That is where Digital Smile Design (DSD) comes into play.

Digital Smile Design: Blueprints for Your Dream Smile

Administering any type of dental treatment without a comprehensive treatment plan can certainly pose serious issues down the line.

Just as an architect would not begin construction without an official set of well-designed plans and blueprints, your dental professional must do the same to ensure that the smile of your dreams can be achieved. 

While you may feel a bit impatient to see your new smile and ready to begin the dental treatment you want and need as soon as possible, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that a thorough treatment plan is designed before treatment begins. You will find that the extra bit of time spent on your treatment pays off exponentially in the long run.

FY Smile is proud to operate as an official Digital Smile Design (DSD) clinic. Dr. Fadi Yassim actually operates as a Key Opinion Leader and regularly travels around the world to help dentists learn how to successfully use the program for their patients. 

This revolutionary program is an interactive and comprehensive tool that we are proud to use here in our Sydney dental office. It helps us in providing our patients with the most thorough treatment planning process possible. 

This revolutionary program makes it possible for us to design a set of thorough “blueprints” for your new smile, implementing your needs and wants as well as our official clinical guidance and recommendations. We highly value your opinion and thoughts, and Digital Smile Design makes it possible for us to keep you fully involved in the treatment planning process from beginning to end, allowing you to fully understand the treatment that we are recommending for you and give your input wherever needed.

How does Digital Smile Design Work?

To begin the process of designing your beautiful new smile, we will take a set of photos, x-rays, and digital scans of your mouth. These scans allow us to create interactive and three-dimensional digital models of your mouth, which we will use as a base for the creation of your treatment plan.

Working off your clinical needs as well as your aesthetic wants for your teeth and gums, we will work with you to design a comprehensive treatment plan. Digital Smile Design provides us with the ability to help you create a beautiful smile that is custom-made just for you.

The beauty of Digital Smile Design is that you will actually be able to see what you can expect your smile to look like as an end result, rather than simply visualizing it. This makes it incredibly simple to help you understand exactly what you can expect to get out of your treatment here in our Double Bay dental office.

Once the “blueprint” for your new smile is finalized, we will create a three-dimensional mockup of the predicted outcome. Just as an architect would take the time to evaluate a predictive model of their structure before beginning construction, Digital Smile Design ensures that you can do the same during your comprehensive dental treatment planning process.

 You can physically evaluate this mockup and take your prospective new smile on a “test drive” to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the look of your future smile - if there are any changes you would like to make at this point, we can quickly and easily change your treatment plan before treatment even begins, saving you valuable time and money in the long run. It is only once you have officially approved the outcome of your treatment that we will actually begin administering treatment in the chair.

Just as you would work side-by-side with an architect to visualize and design the home of your dreams, Digital Smile Design makes it possible to take a hands-on approach to your dental treatment, as well. Here at FY Smile, your trusted dentist is proud to serve as your “smile architect”, working with you to design the smile you have always dreamed of.

Digital Smile Design Benefits

Whether you are making minor changes to your teeth or you are looking to completely change and customize the look of your smile as a whole, you are sure to enjoy a wide range of benefits from the use of Digital Smile Design during your treatment planning process.

Below are some of the most notable benefits of using Digital Smile Design in the planning and execution of dental treatment:

  • A thorough planning process that fully involves you from start to finish
  • Physically preview the results of your treatment rather than visualizing based on results of other patients’ treatment results
  • Fully digitized process
  • Make changes to the treatment plan before any treatment has actually been administered inside the mouth
  • Less time spent in the dental chair thanks to a detailed and simplified treatment plan
  • Avoid unnecessary costs spent on dental treatment that you may not be satisfied with in the long run
  • Be fully involved with your treatment planning from start to finish; never feel a disconnect or that decisions are being made without your input 
  • Design the smile of your dreams; don’t risk leaving anything out of your treatment plan that may leave you feeling dissatisfied
  • Feel completely confident about the application and outcome of your dental treatment
  • No surprises; you will know exactly what to expect both during and after treatment
  • Treatment does not actually begin until you officially approve everything
  • Enjoy the ability to “test drive” your new smile; you can actually physically try on the smile you have designed and inspect it in person

Digital Smile Design enables your dental professionals to provide you with the ultimate treatment planning experience, designing the blueprints for the smile of your dreams. To learn more about how you can personally benefit from the use of Digital Smile Design for thorough treatment planning, be sure to schedule a consultation with your smile architects here at FY Smile.

FY Smile: Best Dentist in Sydney

Both the overall health and aesthetics of your smile are extremely important. When it comes to designing a treatment plan that works best for you, you can trust that your smile architects here at FY Smile are fully dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience.

The use of Digital Smile Design ensures that we are able to create a detailed treatment plan that will create the smile of your dreams.

Here at FY Smile, we strive to provide our patients with an unparalleled level of dental care; that is why we are proud to offer comprehensive dental treatment in beautiful Sydney. Our team of dental professionals is here to provide the treatment you need to create a beautiful and healthy smile.

Your journey towards optimal dental health begins here. In addition to offering Digital Smile Design in Sydney, FY Smile is proud to offer a wide range of dental services. From basic tooth fillings to dental implants to deep cleanings and more, we’ve got you covered.

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