All on 4, the Solution for Terminal Dentition

When you look at the state of dental care in Australia, people over the age of 15 have an average of 12.8 decayed teeth. Without proper care, these teeth will often need to be extracted. This issue can contribute to the factor that at least 27% of Australians don’t feel confident with how their teeth look. There is a solution that can help. All on 4 is a highly innovative technology that is used to replace any missing teeth immediately. This article will help you learn all about this solution and why it’s a wise idea for you to choose this approach.

What Is All on 4?

In the past, people used traditional dentures that were held in place using bridges and adhesives. These days there are new technologies like the All on 4. This modern approach is used to replace the teeth in the entire lower and upper row. All on 4 is a highly advanced procedure for dental implants where you can get an entire arch of teeth while only needing four implants, which means that you don’t need to get a new set of implants or false teeth. The All on 4 prosthetics are used to secure the teeth in a much more seamless and straightforward process. This approach has a very high success rate and is minimally invasive when compared to other traditional approaches.

Why Choose All on 4?

There are many benefits for choosing the All on 4 treatment for your dental needs. First of all, this is a minimally invasive procedure where you can have all of your implants fixed to the jawbone on the same day. You will recover quickly and can eat without discomfort, and you can have a smile with which you will be proud. If you have struggled with missing teeth or the traditional uncomfortable dentures, you need a new option. Maybe you’ve had to have all of your teeth removed. Whatever scenario applies to you, you can have a stunning and functional set of teeth in just 48 hours.

In addition to the benefits of improved quality of life with these innovative implants, it can also improve your oral health. This procedure can reduce the risk of issues that can come up, such as periodontitis, which can eventually lead to other health issues, including affecting your heart. A final note is that this treatment option is often cheaper than several other similar options, which is another important consideration.

Why Choose FY Smile for All on 4?

At FY Smile Double Bay, we specialize in offering patients the best oral health services. One of the ways that we help our patients get the best smiles is through offering dental implants using a variety of techniques, including the All on 4 approach. We are a leading Sydney dentist that is here to ensure the highest levels of oral wellness and making you more confident when you smile. Dr. Fadi Yassmin has many years of experience with this approach, so you can trust that you will have a beautiful smile after this treatment.


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