10 Tips For New Invisalign Users

10 Tips For New Invisalign Users

If you have recently begun Invisalign treatment, you may be wondering what to expect. Here are 10 tips for new Invisalign users.

  • Wear Your Trays As Recommended

In order to get the best results from your Invisalign treatment, it is recommended to wear your aligner trays for a minimum of 22 hours each day. This helps to ensure that your treatment progress as planned; if the trays are not worn as recommended, overall treatment time may be delayed.

  • Maintain Your Oral Health

It is crucial to properly maintain your oral health while undergoing Invisalign treatment. Be sure to keep up with thoroughly brushing and flossing twice daily at a minimum; this helps reduce bacteria levels and promotes an overall healthy oral environment.

  • Keep Your Aligner Trays Clean

Your Invisalign aligner trays must regularly be cleaned to prevent staining and to eliminate any bacteria that lingers inside. There are a few different ways to clean your Invisalign trays:

  1. Invisalign Cleaning System Crystals (official Invisalign cleaning solution)
  2. Retainer-cleaning product (DentaSoak, Retainer Brite, etc)
  3. Brush with cold water and gentle liquid soap
  4. Soak with white vinegar and warm water before brushing gently 

  • Carry A Retainer Case With You

Since you will need to remove your aligner trays when you eat or drink anything other than water, it is likely that you will find yourself removing your trays when you are out in public on more than one occasion. Having to place your aligners on the table can be embarrassing, and can cause bacteria to get inside the trays. To ensure that you are prepared no matter where you go, make sure that you carry a retainer case with you at all times; this will help ensure that you have a secure and clean place to put your trays when you need to remove them from your mouth.

  • Avoid Smoking While Wearing Your Aligners

Of course, it is best to avoid smoking in general, but if you are unable to quit during your Invisalign treatment, it is absolutely crucial that you remove your trays when you smoke. Tobacco smoke can cause the trays to become extremely stained or discoloured, which can look quite unsightly and can even stain your teeth over time. It is always highly recommended to take your trays out to smoke and brush thoroughly before placing them back inside the mouth.

  • Brush Teeth After Eating

If you place your Invisalign trays back inside the mouth directly after eating, any bacteria or food particles that were left behind on the surface of the teeth become trapped. Over time, this has the potential to lead to decay. Whenever possible, be sure to brush and floss your teeth after eating and before putting your trays back in.

  • Expect Some Discomfort With New Trays

When you receive a new set of Invisalign trays, it is quite normal to experience some discomfort or pressure; this is a good sign! This means that the trays are already doing their job, which is to apply continuous pressure to shift the teeth into their ideal positions. After a few days of inserting and wearing your trays, you will likely begin to feel the pressure or discomfort subside.

  • Always Take Your Aligner Trays Out To Eat

If you are eating or drinking anything other than water, it is important to take your aligner trays out beforehand. Food can easily become trapped inside the trays, which puts the teeth at an increased risk of decay and can lead to an unpleasant odour over time. Certain beverages may stain the trays, and warm or hot beverages or foods may even warp the plastic that the trays are made up of. To avoid these issues, always take out your Invisalign trays when eating or drinking, and be sure to brush them before placing them back inside the mouth.

  • Attend All Of Your Appointments

Each appointment during your treatment is designed to serve a purpose in your overall treatment plan. It is during these appointments that your dentist will check your progress, survey the status and health of the teeth, and make any corrections to treatment that are needed.

When you miss out on even just one of your scheduled appointments, there is a chance that your treatment plan will be thrown off course. If you have decay or damage, this will also go undetected until the next time you are able to make it into the office. In order to provide the most comprehensive and proactive care possible, your dentist must see you as regularly scheduled; be sure to keep up with your appointments.

  • Be Honest With Your Dentist

It is incredibly important, to be honest with your dentist throughout your treatment; if you have not been wearing or caring for your Invisalign trays as you should, it is important to inform your trusted dental professional. He or she will never judge you; they are here to help you as you pursue the smile of your dreams. If you are having difficulty maintaining things during treatment, be sure, to be honest with your dentist so that they can help you develop a plan of action that works best for you.

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