The Other Side Of Dentistry By Dr. Fadi Yassmin

When I first began my career in dentistry I had no idea where it would take me. What takes a keen eye and an artistic hand can still be improved when other contributing factors are at play. My vision for impeccable cosmetic and rehabilitative oral care lead me to pursue many post-graduate opportunities that widened my knowledge as well as my skill. Ultimately I chose to expand my capabilities even further by seeking a Masters of Aesthetic Dentistry from Kings College of London.

The reason why I chose this programme was because of its rigorous demand for achieving perfection in dental aesthetics. Only the most dedicated dentists are accepted and the study is lead by a team of leading global aesthetic dentists. In addition to already being a licensed dentist, students had to dedicate extensive research, face-to-face training, clinical requirements and a dissertation over the course of 3 years. It meant making a huge investment for myself and for the future of my vision as a dentist.

As it came down to my final year, I finalised my dissertation on whitening processes. What I learned through my dissertation helped me to appreciate even the minutest details of otherwise “routine” cosmetic dentistry procedures.
My dissertation was focused on teeth whitening. During the process I discovered that I could begin changing the way that I cared for patients due to the new techniques that I could utilise.

Since completing my Masters of Aesthetic Dentistry, I have been able to implement new techniques that provide my patients with services that look more natural than ever. This involves a wide range of procedures such as porcelain veneers, dental implant prosthesis (such as All-on-4 dentures), composite bonding and whitening, just to name a few. What may not work for one dentist doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. It just means that they may not have the skills to do so. My graduate training allowed me to reach a level of comprehensive restorative and aesthetic goals that most dentists won’t ever achieve.

It has been a great honour to take what I already felt extremely confident in as a dentist and make it even better. My capabilities and confidence for cosmetic and rehabilitative oral care allow me to offer therapies unlike any other in the area. Experience and wisdom shared with me by my mentors have made Broadway Dental into something so great that even I would not have envisioned it. It is truly a great honour to have the potential to change the lives of so many people. Not only am I capable of enriching the health of their teeth, I am giving them back the confidence that they need from a beautiful smile. Saying that my career is rewarding is an understatement!

I greatly appreciate the sense of appreciation and friendship that I have been able to develop with all of my current patients. As we move forward into the future of Broadway Dental, I know we will continue to see many exciting new things to come!

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