DFY Dental’s Response to COVID-19 and Our Commitment to Patients

We would like to announce that the practice will be able to offer all dental treatment by 11/05/2020. We are still providing extra measures in place to ensure the safety of our staff and patients as this is paramount.

At dFY Dental / Bupa Dental Broadway we have always followed the Guidelines for Infection Control issued by the ADA to help protect every one of our patients and team members from the many infectious diseases that we are potentially exposed to on a daily basis. The practice has always been accredited for it’s sytems and processes in accordance to rigorous guidelines.

While we are doing everything in our power to protect you, we also ask for your co-operation in making our office environment a safe one. If you have a cough, fever, or chills, please call our office prior to attending your appointment. If you have travelled overseas in the last 14 days we ask that you reschedule your appointment. We will be screening patients over the phone and also asking patients to sign medical declarations. If you are in certain high risk epidemiology we will also be taking extra precautions and possibly also not be able to provide you with certain treatments.

As a reminder, there are precautions we are taken that are outlined below. Also, we will be continuing to offer virtual consultations and more information can also be found below.


COVID-19 Response Guidelines

In an effort to protect the health of our dentists, staff, patients and to reduce the potential spread of the Coronavirus, we have already implemented the following guidelines.


  • Prior to the appointment, patients will be screened over the phone to find about recent travel, symptoms of an infection and any close contact they may have had with anyone infected with COVID-19.
  • On arrival, all patients will be required to fill out a form asking about travel, symptoms and any close contact they may have had with COVID-19
  • Patients who have an appointment booked and have symptoms of a COVID-19 infection will need to call and reschedule their appointments
  • All rooms including communal spaces are disinfected with a nocos disinfection system daily
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available for all patients upon entry and exit
  • Separate pens will be used by dentists for each patient and the pens will be disinfected after use
  • All surfaces will be regularly disinfected (including all communal areas)
  • Magazines in the reception area have been removed
  • Telephone devices will be cleaned with Opti Wipes 3 times a day
  • Shoe covers will be provided for all patients entering the consultation room
  • Chairs in the waiting room and toilet seats will be disinfected with Glen 20 thrice a day.


To maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness, the following guidelines have come into effect immediately. As a result, it will take 2 to 3 times longer for a changeover between patients.

  • All surfaces will be wiped twice in succession
  • All door handles and front of cupboards will be wiped regularly
  • Glen 20 will be used to clean the walls in hallways and rooms
  • Peroxide will be used as a mouth wash for patients


  • Appointments for patients in higher-risk categories are being rescheduled
  • Emergency patients are being given priority appointments


  • Courier and other delivery service personnel are required to drop items in the surgery area


  • Parcels and boxes delivered are to be sprayed by staff and opened only after the room has been disinfected with Nocos.


We are providing any patients who are medically compromised, in self isolation and have a dental emergency the option of having a virtual consultation. We request that you contact the clinic so they can ensure that they receive your request. The system allows you to upload photos prior to your video consultation so that the dentists are able to have some idea of what is going on in your mouth prior, ofcourse the system is not full proof and we can not have xrays taken but it will hopefully enable triage of emergencies in a time of uncertainty for those who are not able to attend the practice at this time.

Instituting these higher standards will help keep you and our entire team safe until this health risk subsides. We care about each of you and look forward to seeing you again for your next appointment.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 02 8488 9618 or send an email to

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