Dr Fadi Yassmin

Dr. Fadi Yassmin is one of the most widely respected dentists in the industry, with a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry and ongoing training from prestigious institutions such as the renowned King's College, the Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics and UCLA – widely regarded as one of the world’s leading medical centres. Now comes his next project, FY Smile. A complete reimagining of what a dental office can be, Dr. Fadi has designed FY Smile from the ground up to be Sydney's leading holistic smile centre. We humbly welcome you to the practice and invite you to experience what a new smile will do for your life when designed and customized for you in an environment that will make you feel like you are on a retreat, rather than at the dentist.

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Enjoying Permanent
As of the close of business 25th  March, we will only be providing emergency treatment and all patients will be screened prior to coming...
Dr Fadi Yassmin June 22, 2020
Guidance On Dental Treatment During COVID-19 Pandemic
As of the close of business 25th  March, we will only be providing emergency treatment and all patients will be screened prior to coming...
Dr Fadi Yassmin March 26, 2020
DFY Dental’s Response to COVID-19 and Our Commitment to Patients
Dr Fadi Yassmin March 19, 2020
How Missing Teeth Can Hurt Your Oral Health, Wellness and Self-Confidence
Most people have no hesitation in replacing missing front teeth because it affects their appearance. However, delaying treatment for...
Dr Fadi Yassmin September 30, 2019
Veneer Case Study : Olena Khamula
olena Khamula is most famously known as one of the three finalists of Bachelor Australia 2016. Her claim to fame, was how she effectively
Dr Fadi Yassmin August 20, 2019
Enjoying Permanent All-on-4 Implant Fixed Bridges
An All-on-4 implant-supported fixed bridge is one of the most minimally invasive ways to restore your entire smile. Unlike conventional...
Dr Fadi Yassmin April 9, 2015
4 Ways Dental Crowns Save Smiles
Dental crowns play a very large role when it comes to preserving and enhancing your smile. Sometimes fillings just aren’t enough, and...
Dr Fadi Yassmin March 24, 2015
The Other Side Of Dentistry By Dr. Fadi Yassmin
When I first began my career in dentistry I had no idea where it would take me. What takes a keen eye and an artistic hand can still be...
Dr Fadi Yassmin March 5, 2015
Smile Whitening And Veneers Compliment Your Smile
If you have decided to enhance your smile, you have probably researched a wide range of cosmetic dental options to decide which one is the...
Dr Fadi Yassmin February 25, 2015
Choosing The Right Type Of Dental Veneers
Electing to have veneers made for your smile is an exciting time. Veneers help your teeth look straighter, whiter and everything you want...
Dr Fadi Yassmin February 17, 2015
Try Out Your New Smile – Before Your Treatment!
What if you could visualise your new smile so that you could give your dentist important input about how you wanted it to look? That’s...
Dr Fadi Yassmin February 9, 2015
Do You Want Whiter Teeth?
Enjoying every day treats such as drinking coffee, tea or red wine, eating chocolate and other certain coloured foods can leave your teeth...
Dr Fadi Yassmin March 26, 2014
Cosmetic Dentistry At Our Sydney Clinic
Cosmetic Dentistry is a fusion of art and science giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.
Dr Fadi Yassmin March 26, 2014
Dental Implants In Sydney
REGAIN YOUR SMILE AND YOUR CONFIDENCE When you have a missing tooth or teeth, it’s not just your appearance that’s compromised, but also...
Dr Fadi Yassmin March 26, 2014
Do You Feel Anxious About Your Next Dental Appointment?
Do you feel anxious about your next dental appointment? Do you have bad experiences from your previous dental visits? At Broadway Dental...
Dr Fadi Yassmin February 27, 2014
Do You Have Snoring Apnoea?
Do you have snoring apnoea or are you suffering from your partner’s snoring? Snoring is not a health issue, it may be, however, an...
Dr Fadi Yassmin February 26, 2014
Invisalign Treatment
Invisalign Sydney – Achieving a beautiful straight smile without compromising on appearance has led to Invisalign becoming the orthodontic...
Dr Fadi Yassmin February 25, 2014