4 Ways Dental Crowns Save Smiles

Dental crowns play a very large role when it comes to preserving and enhancing your smile. Sometimes fillings just aren’t enough, and that’s where full coverage dental crowns come into play. These porcelain restorations are one of the last lines of defense for dental disease and tooth problems. Here are the reasons why:

Crowns Preserve Badly Damaged Teeth

There comes a point in time where decayed or broken teeth can no longer be fixed. At this point the tooth requires extraction and some type of prosthetic tooth put in its place. Thankfully, crowns can preserve a tooth that has experienced severe tooth decay or damage. By protecting the weakened enamel underneath, crowns allow the tooth to function properly again.

Porcelain Crowns Return Aesthetics

Rebuilding a tooth can be difficult, especially when it involves preserving the appearance of your smile. There are some situations where metal fillings and crowns simply won’t do. Porcelain crowns restore function while also enhancing the beauty of the tooth itself. Each porcelain crown is crafted from materials that will match your other teeth, allowing it to seamlessly fit in with your smile. Not only will your tooth work great again, it will look exceptional! The porcelain used by our team mimics the translucency of natural teeth

Full Coverage Crowns Return Function

Have you ever had to chew your food on one side of your mouth? Tooth pain or broken teeth may make it difficult if not impossible to enjoy a meal. Covering that tooth with a crown makes it function as it once did before, allowing you to eat your food normally without discomfort.

They Protect Teeth Treated by Root Canals

Once you have had a root canal completed, the tooth is no longer vital. Enamel becomes more brittle and susceptible to wear or breakage. This is why Dr Fadi Yassmin recommends a full crown over all teeth that have been treated endodontically. By placing a crown over the tooth after the root canal procedure, you can protect the tooth so that it lasts for several more years without complications.
The crown process typically requires two visits to complete. At the first appointment Dr Fadi will prepare the tooth, take an impression, and place a temporary crown over the tooth. Then a carefully crafted new crown is made that will match your smile and fully cover your involved tooth. About 2-3 weeks later you will return for Dr Fadi to permanently bond your new crown into place.

Why risk losing a tooth completely if you can restore it with a beautiful new crown? Dr Fadi provides complete crown treatments right here in our state of the art dental practice. There’s no need to visit anywhere else. All of our crown treatments are designed and made in our facility. We invite you to set up your free consultation at Broadway Dental to find out more about the crowns and other services that we offer, and how they can strengthen your smile in no time.

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