An anxious patient pulling up the neck of her jumper to hide her teeth.

Do you feel uncomfortable about visiting the dentist?

We’re experienced in working with anxious patients and there are lots of ways our clinic is designed to make you feel comfortable. 

A fear of the dentist or dental treatment is extremely common. It's something that makes lots of patients postpone their treatment for as long as possible.

At FY Smile, we are experienced in working with patients who feel very nervous. We’ll talk to you about any fears you have and make sure we do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable. 

We’re also committed to unhurried appointments that give you all the time you need, and we purposely designed our serene clinic atmosphere to ease any anxieties you might feel on arrival. 

An icon of The Wand digital anaesthesia.

The Wand

The anaesthesia needle is the most anxiety-inducing part of a dental visit for lots of patients. Instead, we use a digital anaesthesia device called ‘The Wand’. It is controlled and comfortable, and looks nothing like a syringe.

Learn more about the The Wand

An icon of conscious sedation.


Sedation is an option to help very anxious patients feel more relaxed throughout a dental procedure. Though you’ll be awake, you will feel calm, comfortable and ready to get the dental treatment you need.

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